Outdoor training

Over the last few years the business dynamic has permitted us to look deeply into the needs and worried of businesses. Each time more conscious that the best method that a business may have for the extended communication of its image both as a business and a co-operative is to improve itself, it has become nevessary to create and design programs and activities with development “Outdoors”, unique and different, that can be offered, adapted and applied to each situation to the needs of each business or organised group.

Frequently knowledge aquired through a conventional course has a practical application in the workplace. Without doubt the traditional formation, with little to offer both in practice and in motivation, does not provoke the changes in conduct that are required. This therefore suggests the need to combine the traditional classroom formulae with activities and axercises that take place away from the comfort of the office, which favouurs the predisposition of the participants to relax and ends with no modification of their attitude.



For many reasons a business needs to use its its personnel to their full potential in its objectives. Therefore, the activities and excercises used in outdoor training will permit:

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The Scenes

The activity zones are many and varied; from the summit of the mountain to the sea, and including all the geography between.

When designing these courses we are always looking to create the asdequate pressure within the situation or in the atmosphere surrounding the group.

Activities Of Incentive And Sport

Over the last few years we have seen a large growth in the interest of businesses to maximise the potential of personnel relations through incentive ativities linked with sport.

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In Area Tactica we can personalise the design and quality of whichever activity be that indoor or outdoor to the requirements of the client.


In the decision, design and development of the activities the profile and technical level of te group will be taken into account.

All the activities are designed for a maximum of 15 people.