Photography and Extreme Video Footage

Quality and ability to capture the moment in a photograph or a video in extreme conditions make lightweight equipment that is reliable and secure absolutely essential. Characteristics that Area Tactica studies and adopts in all of its photographs and promotional videos.

DVCAM de SONYFor teams and equipment that has undergone year after year in every kind of atmospheric condition possible demands impeccable quality. In order to achieve this Area Tactica has chosen the very professional DVCAM from SONY as its principal camera.

Editing the raw footage we control the image and the sound to levels that were previously impossible. Our reports and photographs revel in the highest quality presented in the most attractive form. In order to achieve this the right tool is used for the right job whatever the demands: subaqua cameras, HF sound, helicopter cameras etc.

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The digital recording systems and computer technology used for recording and editing the video and audio allow us to maintain the purity of the original recording throughout the production process. This means we achieve a perfect image whatever the medium, be that television or any of the newer means of image or sound communication, with the strength and clarity demanded (DVD, CD, VHS, Internet).

The Spirit of the Company

From the filming of the first film by the Lumiere brothers at the end of the ninteenth century to our times, the audiovisual language has continued to evolve so fast that it is impossible to imagine the films of the future.

To our point of view, the idea is to work in an imperfect environment with all the latest technology keeping the maximum respect to cinematic language and classic photography, never forgetting that above all the most important objective is the care and maintenance of all natural ecosystems.

Our goal is to use with the utmost precision audiovisual resources, in order that the listener or spectator may forget we are there and lose themself in our films and photographs, not only enjoying the image and sound but experiencing with us, with our emotions and feelings.